Have you heard the term "Ethereum" mentioned as a cryptocurrency in local media or word-of-mouth, and curious what it is? Let me help!

I'll assess your desires for getting into Ethereum (Dabbling? Long-term investing? Merchant or international transfer services?), and help you take your first steps, which could include:

  • 30 minute tutorial on as much of the technical details of Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or blockchain technology you want to know.
  • Install a wallet software (it's like signing up for a new email account) and use it to practice acquiring some digital currency
  • Sign up for an exchange service and get familiar with market trading of digital currencies


I have been working with Bitcoin since 2012, both as a user of the currency, as well as a developer working on the core Bitcoin wallet software code, altcoins, porting Bitcoin to Javascript (NodeJS), as well as developing Ethereum contracts and applications.

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