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Madison MAN Co…

Hello dear members of the Madison MAN Cooperative,

Our monthly potluck/healthy meal and workshop is Friday June 28, 5-7pm at the Social Justice Center! Bring a dish to pass or just bring yourself. If you want to see what's planned and/or add something of your own check out this potluck signup sheet. You're also welcome to offer or request workshops there. Unless other requests or offers flow in we'll focus this month on continuing to build out our health and care network, including Everywhere Gardens, Peace Practice, and more.

Our vision for Mutual Aid Networks involves supporting each other to realize our dreams for ourselves and our communities. The only limits to what we can accomplish together are the time and energy we put in. in other words, the sky's the limit if we want it to be! What projects interest you and what kind of role would you like to play? Please fill in this simple survey.

The HUMANs - our umbrella global cooperative network, where we serve as home base - hosted a quarterly Solidarity Summit last weekend and we've started sharing video here. Check out the Town Anywhere video and discussion for some real inspiration! And more...

Last and certainly not least - please add and reply to offers and wants at our marketplace! That's how we weave the networks that build new connections and more resilience.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for participating!