See you Saturday! and lots more mutual aid news :)

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Wed, 01/18/2023 - 15:36
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Madison MAN Coop

Hello members of the Madison Mutual Aid Network,

We're ready to have a great year with you and more new members and partners. Join us this Saturday for a casual get-together at Lakeview Library! and more....

First, please add and reply to offers and wants at the -- This is the very best way to reinvigorate our local exchange, by using it ourselves :)

You're also welcome to attend any regular meetings you find at our calendar.

And here are some upcomings:

Saturday January 21, 10:00am-12:00pm Fireside Chat, Lakeview Library Community Room 2845 N. Sherman Ave. With coffee, tea, kringle, and some other nice brunch foods! Feel free to bring some to share if you like, but no obligation. And while you're here, how about copying that paragraph and pasting it into an email that you send to 2 friends? We'll be asking you to invite 2 friends to each gathering that interests you.

This is the second in the new monthly series of general get-togethers, just to have fun together. We'll have some snacks and conversation by the fireplace, and will also be on hand to help you sign up, add or reply to offers and wants, and anything else you need from the Madison MAN.

Feb. 21 + future dates tbd: Madison Mutual Aid Network TOUGH TALKS Series

From host member Randy Coloni: I believe talking to one another and sharing our thoughts is a key element of getting along and feeling welcome and understood in our communities. We may not agree all the time, but the process of discussing our views is fundamental to at least understanding each other, and I believe such civil discourse can help prevent hostility and conflict. Plus, we learn from each other and may gain a new perspective or approach to an issue.

It is in this spirit that the Madison Mutual Aid Network is proposing a series of “Tough Talks”, inviting all of you to join in facilitated discussions on topics that matter to our well-being, and which may not be getting talked about due to fear of disagreement, being judged, or just wanting to avoid confrontation. We invite both your participation and your suggestions of such topics; we offer the following 2 topics to kick-off the series:

Tue. Feb 21, 2023 at 7PM on Zoom here:
How do you deal with someone in your neighborhood doing something you don’t like?e.g. dog barking, blowing leaves too early in morning, racist comments

Future session date tba: 
Does your neighborhood have any arrangement for people helping each other out when help is needed? Is there something that can be done to facilitate more connection and mutual support?

March 18+19: HUMANs Solidarity Summit + 608 Arts/Madison MAN gathering. Time and place tba Join us for an in-person gathering during the HUMANs global Solidarity Summit. The whole summit is on zoom but our local gathering will be in person.

And thanks to all who made it to our December HUMANs Solidarity Summit! Please feel free to check out the recording and notes, and to add to our ongoing Solidarity Action Map.

Take care,


Director, Madison MAN Coop