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Thanks to those of you who joined us for our workshop, Mutual Aid for Health + Care. We're well on our way toward taking better care of each other and building a healthier community. Join us! First, feel free to enter and reply to offers and wants here at the site.

And now, here is the follow-up from our workshop:

Recording here

Slides are here

Notes are here

Want more friends and neighbors to participate in the Madison MAN Coop? Print and hand out this invitation!

Some of us want to do a deep dive into the Impact Health Sharing model. We’ll send a scheduling poll soon - meanwhile please reply if you know you're interested.

Our next meeting toward establishing a more robust Health + Care network via mutual aid will be Tuesday May 9, 4pm CDT at the Social Justice Center conference room 1202 Williamson and also on zoom here.

Also -

Every Tuesday at SJC and zoom is our Communications Work Group session, for the Madison MAN Coop and our global umbrella coop the HUMANs.

Every Friday at 3 is an orientation or dive into some of our cooperative economic tools.

Every Friday at 4 is Dream Time where we learn how we can play supporting roles in each other's dreams.

All at SJC 1202 WIlliamson and on zoom here.

Hope to see you sometime!

Take care,

Stephanie (Founder and Pres. Madison MAN and HUMANs)