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Thu, 09/21/2023 - 15:50
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Hello members of the Madison MAN Coop!

We're so pleased to be holding exciting mutual aid gatherings in a variety of places, and we hope we can reach you wherever you are, to help make your mutual aid-supported dreams come true. 

Because some of us will be on other continents for our Solidarity Sprint, we will host Sept. 24-Oct. 12 sessions on zoom only EXCEPT our Peace Practices are in person at Occupy and the Social Justice Center, Mondays 4-5 and Tuesdays 5:30-6:30, respectively. The SJC Peace Practice is still open for more participants in case you're interested!

This Friday we will NOT hold a potluck from 5-7, and we're putting that monthly time on ice and picking a new gathering time during Sharefest 10/21. But we will host our regular orientation at 3pm and Dream Time at 4pm, and feel free to come in person and bring some food to share. I'll bring a vegan rhubarb coffeecake, likely the last of the season. Offered by zoom too.

Four more things for you today: 1. follow-up from our Solidarity Summit, including notes and recordings, and making plans for your own clusterflocks. 2. Support and/or participate in our upcoming Solidarity Sprint through Europe and the UK! 3. Participate in Sharefest Saturday 10/21, 2-6pm! 4. Enter and reply to offers and needs in the Madison MAN Coop Marketplace

1. Here are notes and recordings from our recent Solidarity Summit! 

And here is how we follow up: Want to cluster your flocks? Let's schedule a session for your own flock. Communities of Place or Communities of Practice - we can spend an hour or so with your current or hopeful partners and do some collective vision-to-action work, all supported via cooperative mutual aid.

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2. We're going on a Europe and UK Solidarity Sprint (it started as a stroll, then a shuffle, now it's so packed with cool stuff that it's officially a sprint!)  Leaders and partners of the HUMANs will meet up in Slovenia to work on our open source tech ecosystem and do some strategic dreaming, then some of us will do a learning and partnership journey in other parts of Europe and the UK to be determined. For the last week we'll wind up in Hull UK, home of our wonderful sister site, where we'll do a shared learning summit. We'll make lots of video and written documentation as we go. We're honored to report that MONNETA is sponsoring the trip, and we'll co-publish some writing and video. And we have some money yet to raise in order to cover all our costs and be able to travel to all the places we'd like to. Please feel free to give a donation here.   But not at the expense of contributing to or joining the HUMANs overall, which we prefer if you need to choose one or the other ---

3. Come to Sharefest on Saturday October 21, 2-6pm at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson! It's also our Annual Meeting. Business in the front, party in the back (meaning the first half we focus on local business, community justice, and more serious mutual aid applications, followed by comedy improv workshops, open mic, food and fun.

Offer skillshares, help with the swap, bring food, perform at the open mic, come to learn, have fun, or just chill with friends and free food :) Email if you'd like to offer or request anything there, and to let us know if you'd like to run for our Board of Directors!.

4. Please enter and reply to offers and needs in our marketplace!

5. Start coming to our online learning sessions if you haven't already. Or in person if you're in the right place at the right time! :)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon,


Founder, President Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs) and Madison MAN Coop