Our 48 Founding Members, April 2018

Board of Directors

Board Minutes (running document)


Madison MAN Coop Member Agreement

Governance Principles

Mission: To create means for everyone to discover and succeed in the work they want to do, with the support of their community.

Madison Mutual Aid Network Cooperative adheres to the Core Principles of the Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs) global cooperative network, adapted locally.

Madison MAN is a WI Chapter 185 Cooperative. We are a multi-stakeholder cooperative with a Board of Directors (see bylaws and other documents above) and govern ourselves with Sociocracy.

Madison MAN Cooperative members engage in mutually beneficial sharing and exchange, in service to equitable and sustainable communities, and embodying the following practices:

  • Timebanking, Mutual Credit
  • Shared resources: technical assistance, process support, tool and media libraries
  • Stewardship of community resources
  • Existing and growing networks of MANs
  • Unique, community-based partnerships
  • Access to diverse expertise, platforms and skills

We aim to use mutual aid to create good livelihoods for one another - meeting community needs while fulfilling individual dreams - extending an open invitation to all community members to participate on their own terms.