Mutual Aid Networks can become systemic economic drivers when we use cooperative economic tools to compensate ourselves and each other for our work.

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Price-based Mutual Credit

Common Good community wealth-building debit card

Common Fund cooperative saving and lending/giving pool

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Timebanking - you're here, where you can earn and exchange HUMAN hours.

You can also join the Dane County TimeBank. If you're already a member, we'll honor your hours in the MAN network.

Common Good community wealth-building debit card

Madison MAN Cooperative Common Fund

We also use software, apps, and other communication tools to manage peer-to-peer and cooperative work.

Use this site to post your local offers and wants, and connect with local projects.

Use the HUMANs' Mutual Aid Platform (the MAP) to manage your projects' work flows and mass communications. See a basic video walk-thru here, and more in-depth information here.

Pyramid of Abundance - Sharing, mutual credit, and common funds