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Hello dear members,

We hope to see you at Friday's potluck! May 24, 5-7pm at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson. We still need a few more people to sign up to bring food. And if you want to come without bringing food please do. 
Here's a sign-up sheet so you can see what's covered and add your own offerings:

Want a cool locally made bike rack? Check out the offers for more info, and more offers. Then add your own!

And don't forget to stop by to see if there are any wants you can fulfill.

And we really need more gardeners! If you don't know how, we can help teach you. Please let us know if you're interested, by filling out this short survey or just replying to us at

See what our projects are all about and indicate your interest and availability with this easy 2-minute survey.

And of course feel free to come to anything you find on our calendar.

See you soon,


Director, Madison MAN Coop