Description Name Category(s) Last changed
Storage space needed - by end of June 2024 Member 230 Space
Basic laptop wanted Member 4 Tech
weed my front yard please Member 6 Help
Help with Madison MAN admin Member 4 Admin help
Communications for Madison MAN Member 4 Communications
Transportation Member 4 Transportation
Data entry Member 4 Admin help
Make eye-catching paper flyers for our events Member 4 Creativity
Make food for community events Member 4 Food
We need website design advice! appearance, functionality, accessibility Member 4 Communications
Exercise Partner Member 168 Wellness
Help using google docs regarding location of files and formatting questions Member 42 Tech
Make a video edit of a series (The Human Show) Member 6 Communications, Creativity
Phone and text members Member 4 Communications
Heat treated pallets Member 163 Goods
Medical transportation - Thompkins to east UW Member 31 Transportation
Party people wanted! help organize parties for the MAN Member 4 Communications