Description Name Category(s) Last changed
Basic laptop wanted Member 4 Tech
Help with Madison MAN admin Member 4 Admin help
Communications for Madison MAN Member 4 Communications
weed my front yard please Member 6 Help
Make food for community events Member 4 Food
Make eye-catching paper flyers for our events Member 4 Creativity
Data entry Member 4 Admin help
Transportation Member 4 Transportation
We need website design advice! appearance, functionality, accessibility Member 4 Communications
Occasional Sleeping Accommodation Member 208 Space, Miscellaneous, Help
Help with my bike Member 168 Transportation
Exercise Partner Member 168 Wellness
Help using google docs regarding location of files and formatting questions Member 42 Tech
Make a video edit of a series (The Human Show) Member 6 Communications, Creativity
Phone and text members Member 4 Communications
Occasional transportation Member 193 Transportation
Heat treated pallets Member 163 Goods
Medical transportation - Thompkins to east UW Member 31 Transportation
Party people wanted! help organize parties for the MAN Member 4 Communications