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Hello members of the Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN) Cooperative!

I hope this finds you well.

This is a notice of some of the regular meetups we have on our schedule, and an invitation to join any that interest  you.

Every Tuesday at 3pmCST we hold a trans-local HUMAN Communications meetup, both at the Social Justice Center (SJC) conference room and on zoom here

By trans-local we mean that local initiatives are welcome to join too, do some overlapping work and get to know each other a bit, and break out to do locally-specific work.

Every Tuesday at 4pm CST we have the Madison MAN Cooperative Operations meetup. In-person at SJC only unless zoom is requested.

Monthly on Tuesdays we’ll hold a workshop specific to a mutual aid tool or interest area, at 4, 5, or 6CST depending on participant needs. September's workshop will focus on mutual aid for healthy local business, which Tuesday and time TBA (please reply if you're interested and have specific scheduling needs).

Every Friday at 4 we hold Dream Time both at the Social Justice Center (SJC) conference room and on zoom here.

This is a session where you are encouraged to bring your dreams, big or small, planetary or personal, and invite the rest of us to play supporting roles to help you realize them. Action-oriented.

Monthly - on the second Sunday each month beginning 9/11/22, 2-4pm - Action Jam

In person outside the Social Justice Center, inside in inclement weather.

The Action Jam is our opportunity to share and sythesize all the disparate work of the month, invite new participants, find and act on new synergies, share some food, have some fun. Join us!

There’s a lot more. Please fill in this member survey so we can help you plug in.

If you haven’t checked it out lately, or haven’t yet joined, go to to see what members are doing already. And we’re about to kick it up several notches including a new software picture (don’t be alarmed at flaws in the one you see here, it’s in progress being moved and upgraded). Now is a great time to get involved!

Thanks for reading this far :)