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Hello all

First, thanks to those who made it to our Annual Meeting and Rebirthday Party. It was fun, and really felt like a rebirth!

Please add and reply to offers and wants at and also email your friends with the link and an invitation to join. We'll make some little invitation messages and easy ways to forward them at our regular communications meeting, which you're also welcome to join, along with anything else you see at our calendar:

Every Tuesday at 3pm CST - Human Communications meeting at Social Justice Center and on zoom.

Every Friday at 3pm - HOME Economics workshops. Friday November 18 is a preparatory session for a more intensive larger meeting regarding mutual aid for local business. We'll touch on some of the ideas and plans for supporting businesses and making a plan for deeper outreach tailored to the needs of business owners. The following Friday is a break for the holiday weekend.

Every Friday at 4pm - Dream Time. Bring your dreams and see how we can each play supporting roles in each other's dreams and projects.

and - PARTY PARTY PARTY on Saturday December 17, 5pm at the Social Justice Center. This is for fun and meeting one another. Bring snacks and drinks if you like.

Just prior to this is the HUMANs Solidarity Summit on zoom. 12/17 from 2-4 is the HUMANs (our global cooperative network, where we're home base) Annual Meeting and party, with the theme The Human Family and participants from around the world. 4-5pm is a zoom karoake party and you can join us in person at SJC for any and all of that, or jump onto zoom.

And former timebankers - we'll have a meetup to see what you need from our next generation, what you'd like to contribute to make it happen, and transfer your hour balances to if you want to. Please fill in this scheduling poll to find a time that works for all of us.

There's so much more happening, and we'll send more emails and invite you to keep checking back here and at the calendar.

Stay tuned for offerings of trainings in restorative justice, peacebuilding, permaculture design, renewable energy, and more...

Thanks for reading this!

Happy autumn,



ps the Social Justice Center is at 1202 Williamson, we're usually in the conference room and if not check the basement incubator space where our desk is temporarily located. The zoom link is…