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Dear Gardeners - The EveryWhere Gardens project of The Madison Mutual Aid Network Co-Op (MAN Co-Op) invites you to our Seed Share & Meet this Sunday March 26. We'll hold two sessions, 10 am to Noon, and 5:30 p to 7 p. Anyone interested in helping to grow vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants is encouraged to stop by and check us out!!

Seed & Meet

Sunday, March 26

10 am - Noon

5:30 - 7 p

The MAN Co-Op

in The Social Justice Center

1202 Williamson St., Madison


Everywhere Gardens is a different kind of community garden - one which uses collaborative work and shared resources to grow in a variety of public and private beds and share harvests in a number of different ways.

EG has supported homeless encampments, supports Occupy Madison's gardening projects, provides food for MAN Co-Op community activities, and manages public native and open-harvest beds at urban locations.

If you garden, if you want to garden (even if this is your first time!), if you have any garden or land-care experience you enjoy sharing - Please stop by, rummage through our seed library, decorate a plant-id stick. We also want to hear about your ideas and expertise!

Please share with any gardeners you know - Feel free to respond with any questions; hope to see you there!

Lisa Nunez


EveryWhere Gardens

We grow community by planting