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Hello members of the Madison MAN (Mutual Aid Network) Cooperative,

We have a lot going on. Check for ongoing details, and especially to add and reply to offers and wants. There’s more there all the time now :)

EveryWhere Gardens will meet every Tuesday at 4pm, outside the Social Justice Center then traveling to the gardens we’ll work - one is on the west side, one on the north. Plus we help tend the little beds around SJC. Join us! Email or call 608 443-8229 if you want to participate but aren’t available Tuesdays. We’ll have other work days too!

Saturday June 24 SJC Jubilee! At our home the Social Justice Center, a party and fundraiser. We’ll cleave off an unused corner somewhere for a mini Action Jam, and party with our friends and neighbors. Time TBA

June 24-25 HUMANs Solidarity Summit - There will be zoom activities that weekend to connect with our neighbors across the world. Check for details.

June 25 Milwaukee Mutual Aid party! This will be at the Build Center, details tbd.

In July we’ll start hosting a weekly Garden Swap, during the Healthy Food For All giveaway outside the Social Justice center. Beginning Wed. July 26, bring your extra produce to swap for what you’d like more of. We’ll do that every week while harvests last.

Friday July 28, 5-7pm, will be our first monthly Action Jam Potluck and Party outside the Social Justice Center. Bonus points for cooking up what you got at the garden swap and sharing the food or recipe with the rest of us!

We have other regular events and offerings, and we’ll be doing some follow-up to make a more robust health + care network. If you want to be involved and aren’t sure where to start, just email or call 608 443-8229.

Hope to see you soon,


Founder and President, Madison MAN Coop