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Hello dear members of the Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN) Coop,

Sharefest was great! Thanks for coming. And we have an excellent new Board of Directors --

Reelected were Stephanie Rearick, Rebecca Kemble, Lisa Nunez, Jeanie Verschay, and Barb Kehrein. Newly elected were The Artist Eric Cross, Maggie Wolfe, and Sean Gere. Some of us chose to run for one-year terms so we can maintain a schedule of roughly half the Board up for election each year.

Thanks for being members of this community. If you haven't already, please pay dues if you can - we rely on this money for our lean expenses. Feel free to make it a monthly donation. If money is a barrier let us know how you'd like to give an hour or more of your time. And please add and reply to offers and wants in our marketplace. It's fun! and the more it benefits you, the more it benefits everyone else in the network.

We hope to see you on FRIDAY 11/24, 5-7pm for a Potluck and Party! with open mic and art-making at SJC. Email if you want to help organize, set up, clean up, or provide transportation. Or if you need help to get there.


And here's our weekly meetup schedule, subject to change so let us know if you're interested in any of these things but have a scheduling conflict.

  • Our Communications work group meet every Tuesday at 3, and if you have skills and interests in writing, outreach, public speaking, video, etc, please feel free to participate, and earn hours for your time.
  • Peace Practice meets every Tuesday 5:30-6:30. also at SJC.
  • Every Friday at 3 we host an orientation, or a HOME Economics session where we dive into a specific cooperative economic practice.
  • Every Friday at 4 we host a Dream Time session where we work through how to turn our dreams into reality, via mutual support.


The 4th Friday every month is our Party and Potluck, Email if you want to be one of the Party People team who help organize and host these.


And, we're still working toward a more robust Health + Care network, Email to get on an organizing list.


Thanks for reading,



President/Director of Madison MAN Cooperative



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