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Madison MAN Co…

Hello dear members of the Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN),

A couple of you joined in the last week and we'd love to give you a warm welcome! Hopefully you can make it to a potluck or other gathering, or post offers and wants, or reply to ones already there. Please email if you need help doing any of these things.

This Friday, Jan. 26, is our monthly potluck. 5-7pm at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson. Please bring a dish to pass or if that's hard to do, just bring yourself. Friends and family welcome too! This one's just a chill get-together.

Then on Fri. Feb. 22, same time and place, we'll take the opportunity to (re)launch our Wellness Project with a healthy meal and wellness-related workshop. Stay tuned... And let us know if you'd like to be involved in organizing it.

There are many other opportunities to get together and get involved. Here are a few, and you're always welcome to check our calendar for more

Friday at 3pm: HOME Economics An orientation to our economic sharing and exchange network. Sometimes it's a deeper dive into one of the components of the system, depending on the needs of participants. At the Social Justice Center and at the link.

Friday at 4pm: Dream Time A vision-to-action session where participants bring their dream, and we find ways for other participants and the HUMANs global network to play supporting roles. At the Social Justice Center and at the link.

What do you want from your membership? Please let us know!

Thanks for reading and participating,