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First, welcome to our new members! You're welcome to dive right in, entering and replying to offers and wants here, and showing up at our events

Every Tuesday at 4 we host an orientation, join us at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson, or online at here.

And for our members who've been around longer - a lot of offers and wants have expired lately, so check on yours and if they still apply, restart them by changing the expiration date to one in the future.

The 4th Friday each month we host a healthy meal and workshop. The next one is Friday April 26, 5-7pm at the Social Justice Center. Bring a dish to pass if you like, or just bring yourself. Our workshop has yet to be determined - want to offer something?

And speaking of offering something - we need people to give each other rides, help with outreach, and more. Would you like to help? Reply to our requests or just get in touch.

Last but not least - would you like to participate in Peace Practice? This is a group-led learning journey for creating peace internally and externally, preventing and transforming conflict. We're getting ready to start a new Peace Practice at the Social Justice Center. We're also open to additional locations if you have one in mind. Email for more information or to let us know you're interested.



Director, Madison MAN Cooperative