TimTest4’s 1st “Support Ticket” entry

First, a thanks for working this out Jon.
I would say that a bit more explicit instruction might be needed, so folks don’t miss the fact that they HAVE to use the one-time-only link in the 1st email they get from the system, and until they do, when they try to login they will continue getting the messages “1 ERROR HAS BEEN FOUND: LOG IN” and below their username field they will see “The username x has not been activated or blocked”. So, the 1st email now reads:
“Tim Test4,

Thank you for registering at Madison MAN Co-op. You may now log in and verify
your account by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to your browser:


This link can only be used once. You will be able to log in at
https://madisonman.coop/user in the future using:

username: TimTest4
password: your password

-- Madison MAN Co-op team“

So I suggest changing “This link can only be used once. You...” to “The above link must be used once before you begin using the regular log-in link in the future, which will be https://madisonman.coop/user



Thank you for your help on this. Looking forward to more ideas for how to improve the registration process.