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Title Category Posted Sort ascending Last Update Submitted By Priority Status
Don't force user to select want vs offer to view marketplace Site Suggestion 2023-04-18 Member 42 Normal
Reduce size of Banner t top of web page Site Suggestion 2023-04-18 Member 42 Normal
murmurations global option Site Support Request 2023-03-20 Member 4 Normal
Expired ads show Bug Report 2023-03-20 Member 4 Normal
Timebanking: Access Denied Membership Help 2022-11-30 Member 144 Critical
allow folks to view wants and offers without having to join - just to check it out Site Suggestion 2022-11-10 Member 42 Normal
Member directory Site Suggestion 2022-04-15 Member 4 Normal
ads not expiring Bug Report 2021-11-10 Member 4 Normal
'view transactions' yields an error Bug Report 2021-07-23 Member 4 Critical
get rid of global offers and wants search Bug Report 2021-06-03 Member 4 Normal
TimTest4’s 1st “Support Ticket” entry Membership Help 2021-05-31 Anonymous Normal
Create way to register interest in projects Site Suggestion 2021-04-09 Member 4 Normal
Transactions - page error Bug Report 2021-04-07 Member 4 Normal
I'd like to update my email address Membership Help 2021-04-07 Member 42 Normal
add help text on currency symbols in transaction 'bill another member' and 'credit another member' Site Suggestion 2021-03-18 Member 6 Critical
A support ticket system would be helpful Site Suggestion 2021-04-10 Member 1 Normal