Expires on Title Small Ad
help with SJC Jubilee! Sat 6/24, plus leading up to it
Business plan writing help
Help Martina move!
Provide food for Solidarity Summit meal 9/25 2pm
Help with Miro Board
Housing needed for young caregiver
Help experiment with Communecter as possible Madison MAN marketplace and exchange system
Learners for software skills - drupal 8, php
James needs supplies for energy-fertilizer production project
Make food for gatherings
Peacebuilding Practice group
Basic laptop wanted
We need website design advice! appearance, functionality, accessibility
Make eye-catching paper flyers for our events
Party people wanted! help organize parties for the MAN
Staff Greeter Desk at the Social Justice Center
Good quality prints and copies
Phone and text members
Data entry
Help with Madison MAN admin
Posh Life Workshops
Make food for community events
Communications for Madison MAN