Expires on Title Small Ad
Basic laptop wanted
help with SJC Jubilee! Sat 6/24, plus leading up to it
Business plan writing help
Help Martina move!
Provide food for Solidarity Summit meal 9/25 2pm
Help with Madison MAN admin
Help with Miro Board
James needs supplies for energy-fertilizer production project
Housing needed for young caregiver
Posh Life Workshops
Make food for gatherings
Communications for Madison MAN
Peacebuilding Practice group
Learners for software skills - drupal 8, php
Good quality prints and copies
Make food for community events - starting Tue 8/17
Help experiment with Communecter as possible Madison MAN marketplace and exchange system
Make eye-catching paper flyers for our events
Data entry
We need website design advice! appearance, functionality, accessibility
I can help you navigate Madison Metro
Party people wanted! help organize parties for the MAN
Phone and text members